We are proud to offer our patients in the Fresno, Madera, Clovis or Turlock, CA areas surgical bunion treatment via Lapiplasty surgery.

While not all bunions need or require Lapiplasty bunion surgery, most do – and our results are quality and reproducible.

Lapiplasty provides the following benefits:

  • Usually a 90 minute outpatient surgery
  • Ability to return to work in as little as one week
  • Resumption of many activities in 2 weeks
  • Ability to return to a normal lifestyle as soon as bone is healed following surgery.

We do all necessary preoperative testing and x-rays in the office. Our physicians have the knowledge to help get you everything you need to ensure a speedy recovery.

Lapiplasty usually requires very few follow up visits after surgery, so it is ideal for patients that come from a distance to seek out our surgical expertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lapiplasty surgery right for me?

Many times the answer is yes, but a consultation is needed to fully assess your foot condition and to give a medical opinion.

How painful is Lapiplasty surgery?

While no guarantee can be given that discomfort after bunion surgery is minimal or non existent, many patients report a tolerable post operative healing time and something that they would do again if needed on the other foot.

Is Lapiplasty bunion surgery really guaranteed to make the bunion not come back?

No guarantees can be given for a surgical procedure. Our experience and patients’ experiences and the track record of the surgical procedure have been very well reported. Our goal is surgical correction of a painful bunion that does not reoccur.